From People-Pleasing to Life Balance Course

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Why Take This Course? 

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This course will help you overcome:

  • Thinking and feeling responsible for other people - for other people's feelings, thoughts, actions, choices, wants, needs, well-being, lack of well-being, and ultimate destiny
  • Feelings of anxiety or guilt when other people have a problem, and feeling compelled to to help that person by giving rapid fire suggestions and "fixing" them 
  • Over-committing and then feeling angry at the other people
  • Feeling like you're "crazy"
  • Rejecting praise or compliments given to you and feeling depressed because no one compliments you
  • Being the victim of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, or alcoholism
  • Feeling the need to be in control and  having others call you "controlling"
  • Losing sleep over other people's problems or behaviors
  • Wondering why you don't have any energy
  • Overspending, overeating, or overworking and denying they exist in your life
  • Tolerating abuse to keep people loving you
  • Looking for happiness outside yourself or maybe in other people
  • Being in painful relationships
  • Thinking that God has abandoned you
  • Crying a lot, getting depressed, overeating, getting sick, doing mean and nasty things to get even, acting hostile or having violent temper outbursts
  • Feeling scared, hurt and angry
  • Having sex issues
  • Not seeking help because you tell yourself the problems aren't that bad or you aren't important enough for it
  • Feeling like your life is spinning out of control

Today, my life has BALANCE. I feel GOOD because I've done my work. You are not alone. I can help you and support you as you get healthy and live your BEST LIFE EVER!

This Course Includes: 

5 Video Teaching Modules 

1 Meditation Module

1 Downloadable 5-Video Teaching Module Workbook

Time to complete this course:  Approx. 5 hours (at your own pace)

Because you matter! ~ Cindy 

Only $49! Buy Now!

(Assessment Questions above adapted from Beattie, Melody (2009-06-10). Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself. Hazelden Publishing. Kindle Edition.)