About Me - Let's Connect!

Hello, Friend! Here's My Story!

One day, I realized I had lost my confidence...I seemed to have lost me . I didn't really even like myself. I felt overwhelmed, and at a loss with trying to make my life and marriage work.  I became fed up with the stress and frustration over 20 years ago, and decided to make my first call to a coach. Although it wasn't easy to make the call, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Life-changing is how I would describe it. I did my work!

You’re not broken!  Although some of life's big events may have shattered you. Maybe you’re experiencing-- anxiety, depression, panic, imposter syndrome, and/or narcissistic abuse, and want to get to a good place where you feel you're moving forward in confidence, happiness, and with a sense of clarity and direction.

I'd Love To Talk About What Matters To You!

The following are questions to help you figure out if you're on the right track in seeking work with me...

  • Are you just not yourself lately? As a result, do you wish people would "just go away and leave you alone?" or do feel like the people around you are taking advantage of you, or maybe running over the top of you so you feel like a doormat?

  • Do you feel your life is lacking purpose and passion?

  • Are you feeling lost or maybe a general sense that something isn't right, or that you don't know who you are or what you would like your life to be?

  • Are you looking for a knowledgeable, confidential, coach to come alongside you and help you?

There are many reasons why we all can use a little help during times when our lives feel unmanageable. You're not alone! I will support you, challenge you and together we will move you forward to a better place.

I will help you find a new and effective way to manage your life and emotions. I can help you get your life to a place where you feel it is satisfying, even amazing!

Feel free to fill out the contact info above for a free phone consultation and I’ll let you know where we need to begin together.

My clients tell me they feel heard, valued, and empowered by the direction I provide, and feel like they're talking to a trusted friend.

Coaching is an investment in your SOUL!