What Do Snowflakes Have To Do With Self-Love?

Jan 28, 2022

There’s something about snowflakes that tell us how much our self-talk has to do with loving ourselves well. Isn’t that interesting? Self-talk or any kind of talking involves words. The words we use in self-talk or other talks can be toxic or healing. We get to choose our words in any talking, right? The next paragraph explains what snowflakes have to do with self-talk.

In the late ’90s, the Japanese businessman Masaru Emoto began conducting a series of groundbreaking experiments testing the effect of words on the formation of snowflakes. He was interested in whether water molecules respond to the energy of various words and if this energy impacts the appearance of snowflakes. What he discovered was extraordinary. Water molecules exposed to harsh words like “you make me sick” and “hate” formed into asymmetrical, incomplete, and cloudy patterns. On the other hand, water molecules exposed to positive words like “love” and “happiness” formed into bright, complex, and beautifully symmetrical snowflakes. Human beings are comprised of up to 60 percent water! Imagine, then, the impact of harsh words upon our bodies. When we say words like “hate” to others, and to ourselves, we dim our light. We cloud our potential. We darken our energy. (From his book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Matsaru Emoto.)

Just like snowflakes are affected by the power and energy of words, people are too. When we are unkind, or critical of ourselves, we too can feel sad, cloudy, confused, alone, discouraged.  Just like when we use kind, gentle, loving words within ourselves, we will feel bright, good, loved, and clear.  Our energy is affected by the power of our words.

Have you ever been with someone and thought, ugh, I don’t like being around that person, they seem dark? That’s energy you feel that is probably filled with negative, harsh words or thoughts.  Just as if you are around a person you feel really good being with, and feel drawn to being with…that’s their energy that’s probably filled with kindness, gentleness, and goodness.

We get to choose what energy to live our lives in…how amazing is that?  We get to choose the kinds of words that either build us and others around us up and feel loving or tear us or others down and feels dark and dismal. It’s shown in the snowflakes…words have meaning and therefore, energy.

Each time you see snowflakes, let them remind you to be loving, gentle and kind with yourself and others.  Enjoy the good energy feelings!