Are You Too Busy?

Jan 12, 2022

Nothing has me spiraling into anxiety, melancholy, and even anger more than being too busy, making too many commitments, giving too much, saying "Yes" when I don't really want's like going without water for days.  I can't live without water, and I can't live my life in a big, beautiful way without REST, and SELF-NURTURING.

This really comes down to a belief that we matter.  We matter as much as the beautiful people asking us to say, "Yes" to their requests.  We matter as much as the important things and activities that we are asked to attend.

We matter. 

We have to matter to ourselves, first!  💜💜💜

Practically, that means we have to take time for our bodies to rest, exercise and play; time for our minds to rest, and be 'offline' for a bit; and time for our hearts to be nourished with kindness, love, and the time to enjoy the joys of this life we have.  Each day has to have a bit of LIFE and REST--not all work, and busyness. 

What will you do to add more space in your day, today, for YOU? Check out my course called From People Pleasing to Life Balance.

Me? I just exercised!  I'm also going to spend some of the morning reading my current favorite book, journaling anything that’s bothering me, intriguing me, or any guidance I get.  This part of the day is for ME!😍😍😍

Because you matter! ~ Cindy