Negative Self-Talk: A Meditation For Change

Jan 13, 2022

Close your eyes and begin to breathe comfortably.

Relax and imagine your favorite place on earth

Imagine you’re there right now.

Breathe, relax, and let the worries of your day float away

See the worries and concerns floating by with the clouds

Now we want to become aware of what’s going on inside ourselves.

We want to notice our self-talk on the inside

Think back on today, and notice some of the things you’ve said to yourself

They may be judgmental, mean, unkind, or harsh, far from uplifting

become aware of what voices are unnoticed

and causing pain or hurt.

You may have heard that you aren’t enough as you are.  You are not making the mark.

These words have not served You well.

Some of these voices have accumulated from over the years

Things that were said to and about you

Things that may have caused you to shrink and

Feel less than, become quiet, or fade into the background

We want to become aware so that we can change this dark pattern

Because we don’t have to agree with them any longer.

Because we don’t want to hurt ourselves any longer.

We desire to take our power back and use it for good inside ourselves.

Say the following words after you hear them:

I accept myself exactly as I am

I want to begin to be kind to myself through my words

I want to speak Words of love and encouragement, as I would to my best friend

In the past, I’ve tended to be kinder to others than to myself

I want to change that for me

I have the power to change that for me

I have the power inside me to encourage myself to live my happiest life

The things I longed to hear from my parents, coaches, teachers, family, neighbors…

I can say them to myself.  I will be a best friend to myself

This is possible.  My desires here are possible.

Others before me have done this for themselves.  I am no different.

There are so many possibilities of goodness for me.

Love is patient and kind, and I choose to love myself

I forgive myself for the mean things I’ve said to myself over the years

I will let all of that negativity go far, far, away from me

I will notice all I say inside and make sure it is loving….

It doesn’t have to be all positive or fake—just loving,

Even discipline can be loving.  I can be a strong help to myself

I can notice any judgments I make about myself and

Just like I don’t want to judge others, I will no longer judge myself

I deserve to be loved and cheered on in life especially by me

I will give myself the gift of love and kindness

I can give myself everything that I need right now

I create my interior life.

I have the power inside me to create my life.

I will have my own back just like I’ve had my friend’s backs

When I hear myself tearing myself down, I will immediately change course

And I will bring myself up.

I will be here for me.  My intentions for myself are all good. I am always enough

I am loved

I will love myself well as I go forward.

Now imagine standing in front of yourself, and say to yourself, I love you.

I will be your friend forever.  I won’t leave you again.

I will never abandon you!

Open your eyes.

Now, spend 5 minutes writing a list of encouraging things you might want to hear.