You're Never Too Old To Do What You Love!

Jan 12, 2022

I had spent some time laying on my couch depressed and anxious, feeling sorry for myself. One day, I decided I was sick and tired of feeling this way, sick and tired of feeling like I missed the memo on life that everyone else seemed to get! I lacked confidence that my life would ever feel or be better.

I had to do something, so I called and made an appointment with a therapist/coach.  I had been meeting with her faithfully every week and we were growing a very close, trusting, relationship. Meg and I had developed a great relationship, I trusted her and began implementing boundaries with the pushy people, in my life, who wanted something from me all time. I began having my own quiet time (deep self-care), and my life was beginning to feel more centered.  I was beginning to feel that I was the master of my own life. I was becoming less of a people pleaser.  I was starting to be able to say NO to people…was it hard?  Did it suck every time?  YES.  But, I was starting to forge the life that I wanted instead of the over-busy life and feeling chaotic and out of control. I had much more of my own personal work to do, but I was off the couch and in the game of life again! I began to day-dream about telling everyone I knew about this great new life I had and how to get there.  I was dreaming of becoming a therapist/coach!  Deep inside I thought, “I can’t to do this. I’d have to get a master’s degree and I don’t even know if I’m master’s level materiaI.” I remember feeling sad that my dream might not come true because when I really thought about it, it seemed such a high mountain to climb.

I kept growing and practicing and going to my sessions, and finally, at the age of 37, I decided to do a bachelor’s and master’s and make this dream of becoming a therapist/coach a reality.  I was terrified to be starting this dream at the age of 37, because that’s not the ‘norm.’

All the “imposter thoughts” started coming in: “You’re too old to go to college.  What if you can’t handle it?  What if the work is too hard?  What if you don’t finish school after telling everyone you’re going?”  I believe that my interior self-care is what gave me the strength to ignore those thoughts, and keep going.  I know that if I hadn’t grown my self-care practice so much and so strong, I wouldn’t have done it—in fact, I may have crumbled and ended up back on the couch.  I had created a safe, loving space inside myself and my heart that was my strength when I felt weak.  I was able to finish the bachelor’s and master’s and start a private practice.  I remember each morning when I unlocked my office door in Hyde Park thinking…I can’t believe this is my life!  I can’t believe I get to come to this office and do this work with these amazing people every day!  I am the luckiest woman on earth!  My husband probably got tired of me calling him every morning and saying, “Steve, I can’t believe I get to do this everyday!” LOL

You are never too old to do what you love! I am proof! If you have a dream, and you’re lacking confidence to see that dream through, then take my Whole Life Self-Care Course because when you put my practices in place, you won’t believe what you can accomplish!