Deep Self Care

Jan 12, 2022

A Meditation for Self-Care

Put your hand on your heart and set an intention to LOVE YOURSELF by breathing comfortably for you and repeating each statement: 

I am made of LOVE

I am deeply loved by the good energy in the universe

I will honor myself as I honor others

I will have deep compassion for myself

I am worthy of love and honor

I was specifically designed with gifts for my purpose in the universe

I have gifts inside me that I may not yet be aware of

I am open to learning about the special talents and gifts of myself

I have gifts that I can use in service to this world

I can be confident that whatever my purpose here, I can follow through

I am full of power and love

I will honor my own power

I will learn to love myself well

I will commit to spending time with myself each day

I will honor myself with my inside self-talk and practice speaking lovingly and kindly to myself

I will honor myself with my practice of re-parenting or me-parenting

I will vow to commitment to me

My vow will be my priority to me

My vow to me is more important that my vow to another

I vow to never intentionally harm myself by betraying myself

I will be trustworthy to myself and to my parts

I will be open to love and joy

I will clear my energy of negativity towards myself each day through my practice

I will commit to healing all my past and present pain

I am able to heal even though I may feel now that it seems impossible

I will have my own back at all times

I will move away from people who criticize me or put me down

I will attract people who love themselves and honor me

I am able to have the life I want

I can always choose to love me

I can always choose to change my mind

I am safe always

I can ask for what I need everyday

I can ask for what I want everyday

I will listen when I ask

I belong to me always

I am enough always

I have everything I need

I will develop my faith muscle for myself

I will train my mind to focus on loving myself

I am worthy

I am me in the fullness of me