Spirit Over Mind

Jan 13, 2022

In America, we value using the mind, the brain! We tell our kids to use their brains. “Use your head, be smart it’ll bring you wealth.” The heart is rarely even mentioned; and our young children become convinced, like us, that the thinking brain is our true north!

We spend years exercising the mind, with logic, numbers, sequencing, overthinking, analyzing everything to death.

We’re convinced we need to use our brains to make money! We make money, and wonder what the point is…

While the mind is the greatest value, the HEART, the SPIRIT has no room in our lives, no chance to flourish.

The mind certainly has a place and is an amazing tool to be utilized, but errantly to most the MIND is GOD.

By the time most are as young as 12, we’re all a thinking MIND, and the SPIRIT inside us is buried someplace, far, far away.

That deep part of us has been long forgotten. Spirit, the source, has been forgotten.

Then we wonder why there is so much depression, anxiety, and suicide.

We all wonder…is this it? Is this all there is? Why am I here? What is the

Some of us, at some point, experience a knowing that we weren’t put on earth, born to only think and hustle to make a buck day after day after day.

Sixty to Eighty hours a week to hopefully earn a 2-week break per year.

Then, we spend the 1st week off trying to settle down and the 2nd gearing ourselves up for the return to the grind, checking all the emails.

Spirit is all but lost, closed, buried, and scoffed at by most, forgotten.

In the end, some find we have been fooled!

Some, though, get out! Some outliers find their way back to Spirit but must unlearn all the damn thinking—it’s not easy to even hear Source in our hearts anymore because of all the thinking, thinking, thinking.

Because you matter! ~ Cindy